Editorial Policy

At Stable Talk, we take great pride in the quality of our content. Our writers create original, accurate, engaging content that is free of ethical concerns or conflicts. If you ever come across an article that you think needs to be improved, please reach out by emailing info@stabletalk.com

Objective and Mission

Our horse blog is committed to providing accurate, informative, and engaging content related to the equestrian world. Our mission is to keep horse enthusiasts, professionals, and the general public well-informed about the latest news, trends, and developments in the horse industry.

Content Integrity & Unbiased Reporting

We are dedicated to ensuring the quality and reliability of our content and editorial processes. Our team, comprising writers, editors, fact checkers, illustrators, photographers, and professionals in the equine world, diligently conducts ongoing research and reviews to maintain up-to-date, accurate information, always prioritizing the needs of our readers.

Each article is attributed with a byline containing the contributor’s name, a brief description, and a link to more information. The article’s last update date indicates when it was recently revised with new information. Some articles may include a tagline at the end, offering further details on research or authorship.

Our internal teams, in collaboration with experts in various disciplines, generate original illustrations, graphics, images, and videos. These assets aim to represent diverse voices, perspectives, and context. Photos from other sources are only used together with correct citation and link. Importantly, photos and videos undergo no edits that might render them false or misleading.


We believe in transparency regarding our editorial processes. Any corrections to published articles will be promptly acknowledged and corrected. Our readers will be informed of updates, retractions, or clarifications as necessary.

All corrections will be clearly marked, detailing what was amended and when. In cases where an article is factually accurate but lacks clarity or necessary detail in its language, the story may undergo updates without an accompanying editor’s note.

Given that news articles often pertain to specific events in time, they are not regularly updated. However, our editorial teams consistently assess and revise evergreen articles to ensure they remain current, accurate, and pertinent. Each article is timestamped to indicate the date of its last update.

If you wish to report an error, please feel free to email us at info@stabletalk.com

Accuracy and Credibility

Ensuring accuracy is our top priority in our reporting. Our writers and editors adhere to stringent standards for article sourcing, relying on current and reputable primary sources such as expert interviews, government organizations, and professional and academic institutions. Every data point, fact, and claim is supported by at least one reputable source.

We strongly discourage the use of anonymous or unnamed sourcing, as it has the potential to diminish transparency and reader trust. In the rare instance where an unnamed source is utilized, we will disclose to readers the reason for anonymity and provide necessary context.

Ethical Standards

Our team of authors adhere to high ethical standards, refraining from publishing content that endorses harm to horses or riders, discrimination, or illegal activities. We prioritize transparency by disclosing any conflicts of interest among our staff members and implementing measures to preserve journalistic integrity. Content is strictly prohibited from infringing upon copyright or anyone’s intellectual property rights.

Our overarching goal at Stable Talk is to publish original, unbiased content. Anything less has the potential to undermine our credibility as a reliable source of information. We expect all contributors in our network to adhere to relevant laws and widely accepted journalistic practices.

Diversity of Topics

We aim to cover a broad range of topics within the horse industry, including but not limited to, horse shows, horse health and wellness, training techniques, industry trends, horse feed and famous equestrian athletes. We value diversity in our content to cater to a wide audience.

Community Engagement

We encourage community engagement and welcome input from our readers. Feedback, comments, and suggestions from the audience are valued, and we strive to create a platform for open and respectful discussion.

Privacy and Sensitivity

We respect the privacy of individuals and entities featured in our content. Sensitivity to cultural differences, as well as ethical treatment of animals, is paramount in our reporting.

By following these editorial guidelines, our online horse blog aims to be a reliable source of information and a trusted platform for horse enthusiasts worldwide.